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Who isn’t captivated by the charm of Bali? This Island of the Gods is always a favorite holiday destination for travelers. This includes friends from Scarf Media along with Paramatex, who organized the “Scarf Media Fashion Trip to Bali” to support Earth Day with the theme “Sustainable Fashion For The Brighter Future.” With its breathtaking natural scenery, from rice fields and mountains to beaches, Bali is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The event was attended by various fashion business players interested in the concept of sustainable fashion. Some participating local brands included Kamiidea, ISSA Group (Vivi Zubedi, Brand No Brand, Mayyech, and Olive and Love), Sovlo, lului Bali, and The Acastor Bali.

Day One: Getting to Know Sustainable Fashion with Paramatex

First Trip: CV Tarum Bali

The first journey took participants to CV Tarum Bali in Gianyar. Here, they learned about the process of making natural dyes, all done in an environmentally friendly way. The dyes used come from leaves grown by CV Tarum Bali, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices


Second Trip: Kimmyra

Next, the group visited Kimmyra, a modest wear brand in Bali that prioritizes sustainable materials, including yoga wear. Kimmyra is a perfect example of how sustainable fashion can remain attractive and functional.

Third Trip: Paramatex

The last visit of the day was to the Paramatex showroom. As a leading supplier of sustainable fabrics in Bali, Paramatex offers a variety of high-quality fabrics without minimum purchase quantities. This is ideal for fashion SMEs or individuals who want to produce quality fashion products. Here, participants could consult directly to find the fabrics that suit their needs.

At Paramatex, participants gained access to the latest innovative and sustainable fabrics. The showroom is the perfect place to seek inspiration and materials for the next fashion collection


Day Two: In-Depth Discussion on Sustainable Fashion

sustainability fashion

On the second day, Scarf Media, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme “Sustainable Fashion for The Brighter Future” at OCBC Building, Sunset Road, Bali. The main goal of this event was to explore the potential of sustainable fashion in Indonesia by involving various stakeholders and industry players.

The event was attended by representatives from various government agencies such as the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Industry, and Ministry of Trade. On the industry side, representatives from Paramatex, Testex Indonesia, and Toraja Melo were also present. Several local fashion brands participating in this discussion included Kamiidea, ISSA Group, Sovlo, Lului Bali, and The Acastor Bali.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Sandiaga Uno, opened the event with a warm welcome, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. He stated, “Indonesia has incredible wealth in terms of resources, ideas, and creativity that can be transformed into sustainable fashion. I am optimistic that more industry players will realize the importance of maintaining environmental balance. Discussions like this are crucial for developing strategic steps to create a sustainable fashion ecosystem.”

Concluding the Journey with Optimism

This fashion trip not only provided new insights into sustainable fashion but also opened opportunities for collaboration and inspiration for fashion industry players. By visiting various businesses in Bali, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of how a sustainable fashion product is produced from start to finish.

For fashionpreneurs looking to develop their businesses with a sustainable concept, partnering with Paramatex is the right choice. Besides providing a variety of high-quality fabrics, Paramatex also offers full support with the insights and knowledge they possess.

So, if you want to produce a fashion collection that is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly, Bali and Paramatex are the answers. Happy creating and continue to support sustainable fashion for a brighter future!

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