Frequently Asked Questions

These 3 pointers can get you up on your feet!

  • Samples: Find samples that are perfect for your ideas! Either you bring a sample you like right to us, or you can show us a reference image and we can suit you with the best options we offer.
  • Narrow your selection: Keep in mind that some fabrics have similar qualities. Thus, narrowing down your selections on regular or sustainable fabrics are important.
  • Communicate: Consistently keep up your communications with all relevant parties! You will be in good hands with us on our communication, and we will have the best suitable manufacturers and production factories for you to be in touch with for samples and the amount you need.

Our showroom hours are

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

As much as we’d love to be alongside you on every step of your fashionpreneurial journey, Paramatex is a fabric distributor and retailer company, specializing in sourcing and providing high-quality materials.

We DO NOT produce or sew any clothing items nor do we offer any tailoring or alteration services. Our focus is solely on providing the best fabric options for our customers to create their own designs and clothing lines.

While we do accept walk-in visits, we recommend booking an appointment with our Sales Advisors ahead of time to ensure the best experience possible. This will also help avoid any potential delays or waiting times during peak hours.

We have hundreds of fabrics in stock. To better assist you, detailed information on fabrics best suited to your needs is to be considered, such as:

  • What are you interested in making? Swimwear, T-shirts, Dresses, Sweatshirts, etc.?
  • What types of fabrics do you prefer? Organic, Synthetic, Blend, Sustainable fabrics?
  • What are your preferences on its weight? Heavy or Lightweight? 100gsm, 150gsm,
    200gsm, 250gsm, etc.?

The more specific your needs are, the better-resulted outcome of our assistance will be present without overwhelming you with our price list.

Definitely! With our FedEx and DHL shipping, we can also satisfy our international customers.
Or, if you’d like to use your own shipping account, you are more than welcome.

Once your samples or colour cards and your shipping address are set, the packaging and weighing process will be made and we will inform you of the total altogether.

We offer several ways to place an order with us. You can visit our showroom directly, email us at, contact us via WhatsApp or call us directly at +62 811-3888-181. Our customer service will be more than happy to assist you with your orders or inquiries.

We understand the importance of timely and reliable delivery of your fabrics. We offer shipping and delivery services within Bali, throughout Indonesia, and Worldwide.

  • Within Bali
    For deliveries within Bali, we have our own in-house delivery team, who will ensure that your orders are delivered to you in a timely and efficient manner. Located in the Denpasar area? You’re in luck! Deliveries within the Denpasar area are completely free, following our delivery schedule order list.
  • Nationwide (Indonesian Area)
    For deliveries throughout Indonesia, we use trusted and reliable couriers such as JNE, J&T, and TIKI. Furthermore, in bulk shipping, we work with cargo companies such as ANT, TAM Cargo, or any customer-appointed cargo companies, to ensure that your orders arrive at your doorstep safely and on time.
  • International Shipping
    For international shipping, we use leading courier services such as FedEx and DHL to ensure that your orders are delivered to you safe and sound, regardless of your location.

The delivery time for orders varies based on your location and the size of your order. Our team will provide you with an estimated delivery time when you place your order.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to track the progress of your delivery.

For its stock availability, you can purchase a minimum of 1 kg / 1 yard / 1 meter depending on the fabric.

Knitted fabrics are mostly sold in the unit of kg, therefore, 1 Roll of it is estimated to be 25 kg.

Swim and woven fabrics such as Nylon / Polyester on the other hand are sold by the yard or meter. 1 roll is estimated to be 50 Yards.

Yes! We offer swatch cards and colour books for our products. Kindly contact us for more information on how to obtain one.

We understand that consistency is key when it comes to creating a cohesive clothing line. We strive to keep our stock colours available for as long as possible.
However, please note that due to popular demands and seasonal trend changes, some colours may be discontinued or temporarily out of stock. We recommend reaching out to our Sales Advisor team for the latest information on our stock colours.

1 Roll (Approximately 70 meters) per colour.

When a product of ours is out of stock, the restock lead time may vary depending on the availability of the product from our suppliers. We try our hardest to restock our products as soon as possible. Want to be informed when your wanted fabrics are restocked? Contact our Sales Advisor team for the latest information.

  • For our solid-coloured collection, we offer Vita, constructed of 78% Econyl recycled nylon and 22% Xtra life lycra.
  • For sublimation prints, we offer our Ace-Tex Recycled, made of 86% Repreve recycled polyester and 14% spandex. With this, we offer custom digital sublimation print on polyester-based fabric, with an MOQ of 1 meter only.
  • Last but not least, we offer Eco-Rib, a corduroy rib texture from 87% Repreve recycled polyester and 13% spandex, Available in white (Available for printing) and solid colours.

In the rare event that we need to discontinue a product, we will inform you as soon as possible. Either we provide information on the closest alternative product that we offer, or you can have it special ordered just for you (MOQ applies).

Are your wanted fabrics hard-to-get? Not readily available? Or do you just simply want a custom colour for your brand? You can easily special order it through our Sales Advisor with MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) applied. Note: MOQ varies for different types of fabric, but generally it starts from 300 Kg per Colour for Circular Knit fabric, 300 Yards per Colour for Swim fabric & 1.000 Yards per Colour for Woven fabric.

Please note: Lead time on Special Orders usually takes within the range of 30-45 days

We understand that some customers may only need to dye a small amount of fabric for a custom colour, which may be below our MOQ. In such cases, we can refer our customers to local Bali dyers who offer lower MOQ requirements.

Please note that we have no affiliation with these dyers and customers must use their own judgement to decide which dyer they want to work with. We cannot be held liable for any issues or disputes that may arise between the customer and the dyer.

We accept various payment methods including cash, bank transfer, QRIS and credit card (in-store only transactions only).

Located overseas? We recommend using money-transfer services such as Wise. This will ease you in figuring out the Currency Exchange Rate. These services typically have lower fees than conventional Bank transfers.

Please note, as per Indonesia’s law (BI Regulation), all cash and non-cash transactions must be made in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) currency.

At Paramatex, we understand that every customer is unique and may have specific requirements for their fabric materials. To accommodate these needs, we offer customisation services that allow you to create your own unique designs. Our team of experts can assist you every step of the way.

At Paramatex, we offer digital printing services that you can trust for high-quality service.

  • Sublimation printing (paper transfer printing) for Polyester-based fabrics (or minimum 60% Polyester content). No MOQ, fast lead time.
  • Direct-to-fabric print for natural-based fabric like Cotton, Viscose Rayon, Cotton/Poly blends etc, with MOQ of 100 meters per design per fabric.

For digital printing, we require a high-quality digital file of your design in the following file formats:


Minimum resolution: 300 DPI
Digital printing colour setting: RGB
Sublimation printing colour setting: CMYK

For a faster lead time, please ensure the artwork is 100% ready to print, with sizing/scaling/repeatable/seamless has been set.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we accept returns within 7 days of the purchase date.
This only applies if you buy fabric in roll(s). For retail purchases of less than a roll, no return will be accepted. Furthermore, the fabric must be unused and in its original condition. Contact us to learn more.

At Paramatex, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you have a complaint about our products or services, please contact your Sales Advisor by sending an email to or message us via WhatsApp at +62 811-3888-181. Our team will happily assist you and resolve any issues you may face.

An exact cut of 1 kg, mtr, yards is considered to be near impossible, therefore it is known that a tolerance for this should be taken into account.

Many factors come to place during the production process of making fabrics. Although being made by machines, factors such as water temperature has the capability to slightly alter its end results.

Thus, we highly recommend you to estimate the best amount of needed fabrics for your future collection and have them purchased altogether while we have the same lot to avoid slight differentiation.

A reasonably sized hole on your fabric only means one thing, and that is standardized quality control, measuring the fabric’s GSM by our suppliers.
Please note that a tolerance of +/- 10% is the standard range of our GSM measurement.

Ready For Dye / Prepare For Printing

Minimum Order Quantity / Minimum Order Colour

  • Tube Setting (often called tubular) fabric comes in the circular round (just like a sarong)
  • In an Open Width finish, the fabric has been cut open from the Tube Setting.

The most common units of measurement for fabrics are: Yards, Meters, and Kgs.

Greige usually refers to the raw, unprocessed, and unfinished fabric taken directly for a loom, meaning it is still in its natural state and has yet to be bleached, dyed, or coated.

For more, see our Fabrictionary page!

For businesses and larger orders, we offer Roll Price that provides significant discounts and the ability to purchase in bulk. Our wholesale team will assist you every step of the way, starting from sourcing, and sampling until delivery to your doorstep.

Quality is our top priority at Paramatex. All of our products are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they meet our high standards. From the raw materials to the finished products, every step of the process is closely monitored to guarantee the quality of our products.

At Paramatex, we offer a complete solution for all your fabric and textile needs. In addition to our wide selection of products, we have a network of trusted garment manufacturers who have been working with our fabrics and can help you turn your fabric into a beautifully tailored garment.

Please contact our Sales Advisor team for more information on our recommended garment manufacturers.

While there is no definitive answer, the quality of fabric can be defined by examining various elements. Fabrics can be compared across different fabrications, paying particular attention to yarn count (measuring yarn quality) and thread count (measuring fabric density).
A fabric in its best quality is when the functions fit the needs of the end product.

The weight of Circular Knit Fabric is commonly measured in Grams per Square Meter (GSM).

For Example 150 GSM fabric is lighter in weight than 200 GSM fabric.

Although the weight of the fabric is not necessarily equal to the fabric’s quality, it is a key factor to consider when choosing between similar fabrics. Fabric weight affects the final application of the fabric. Usually, lightweight fabrics are used for summer items or underwear, and heavyweight fabrics are used for winter wear or workwear clothing.

Fabric width is associated with the type of application and also depends on the manufacturer. Commonly, the width of our fabric is between 55 and 72 inches. For Knit fabrics, there are also 2 types of fabric width: Tubular and Open Width.

  • Fabric Width : 36” or 42” tube
    Application : Cotton Jersey fabric 20s, 30s
  • Fabric Width : Open Width 165 or 180 cm
    Application : Cotton Jersey 40s-60s, Spandex fabric & Woven fabric
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